Sonstiges der Länderbahnen


Although the Osterthun Files cover all scales, this list only consists models in scale H0 (1:87).

The information given on this site does not presume to be complete or without mistyping.

For additions or corrections I'm looking forward to your reply. Just mail me.




1a. Heizkesselwagen Preußen


1b. Heizkesselwagen & Feuergutwagen Württemberg


2a. Lazarett-Zug Preußen


2b. Lazarett-Zug Württemberg


2. Artztwagen Württemberg


3. Liegewagen Württemberg




5. KPEV Speisewagen  (Preußens Gloria)


6. Pr.St.E.V.  MITROPA (DRG früh)


Frits Osterthun, 18.11.2011