~ Legenda ~


To make the Models List more convenient, please take notice of these explanatory notes


N 2000 Newly released in 2000
E 2000 Only released in 2000 (Einmalig)
A 2000 Announced in 2000
R 2000 Released in 2000
(2000) Probably released in 2000
(<2000) Noticed in the Catalogue of 2000/2001 ~ probably released earlier
2000-2003 Released during the period from 2000 until 2003
N 1982/83 Announced as new in 1982, but released in 1983 (cf. Liliput)
(=) DC (Gleichstrom)
(~) AC (Wechselstrom)
(=/~) Released both in DC and AC
LE Limited Edition
SE Special Edition
n.n.b. not yet available
ML Museum Locomotive / Museumslokomotive
HaMu Handmuster / non serial scratch model
OK Original Karton (original box)


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If you click on a logo on the left (f. i. KPEV, DRG, DB, DR, etc) a new window will open and show the specific era.

Many locomotive numbers in this window have one ore more adjacent pictures of the model.

They are either linked to the locomotive number in the left colon or in the explanatory text at the right.


Just click on the white and underlined numbers or text and an image will appear.

Hyperlinks that are numbered - like: 1. right side view - are pictures that I took myself. They can also be found in the Picture Book