R h e i n s t r e c k e




2. S t e l l w e r k  "T h a l e"





2.1 - Introduction


For the construction of the 'Rheinstrecke' have a number of construction sets from Faller in mind.
It concerns a signal box, a switching station, a wooden bridge, as well as a shed with outbuildings, meant for the upper section, which is intended as a small goods shunting yard.
Above the lower section - the actual Rheinstrecke - there will be a small castle on the far left of the display case, to give the main section the allure we know from the original Rheinstrecke in Germany.




2.2 - Unboxing








Packed clean and fresh in paper 




This kit is fully executed as a lasercut model. It's Faller's first Lasercut for me.

I have good experience with two previous models that the Busch company has developed, like the Forsthaus and Dilapidated house.






2.3 - Constructing









Unfortunately, it wasn't until all the wall parts were glued that I discovered that one of the windows had not been properly cut out by the laser.
I should just leave it that way.

Even if Faller sent me a new wall section (I didn't ask for it, but gave it as a tip for the final inspection)

it makes little sense to disassemble this model again. It is and remains fragile cardboard.
However, thumbs up for Faller's Kundenservice!



Although Faller works extremely precisely in my experience, I discovered a 'misprint' in the manual.

Two identical, but mirrored window parts (3/7 and 3/8) have been accidentally reversed.

If you follow the manual carefully at stage V (see Q on page 7) and stage W (see T on page 8), both window parts will be placed with the foil (the glass) facing outwards.
However, an attentive builder will notice this soon enough when fitting. 



I thought it was quite a challenge, because I didn't have lasercut glue at my disposal, and processed everything with wood glue.

With parts such as the half-timbering, as thin as paper, you have to use a brush to carefully apply the glue.

Because paper immediately absorbs the adhesive, you must apply this part accurately within seconds.

The necessary pulling off in the event of incorrect application leads inextricably to tearing...


Folding and placing the spire requires a certain amount of patience and insight.




No less than 64 parts: these 32 wooden buttresses consist of two halves. 



But they ultimately give the whole a beautiful finish.







I will soon be clearing out the lower compartment to build the Rheinstrecke Display there.

Until now I could safely store all my new acquisitions and necessary parts.





Frits Osterthun 18.4.2023

Last update: 11.2.2024