R h e i n s t r e c k e




3. S c h a l t h a u s  "Z e r n e z"



Faller 120269



3.1 - Introduction


For the construction of the 'Rheinstrecke', I have a number of construction sets from Faller in mind.
It concerns a signal box, a switching station, a wooden bridge, as well as a shed with outbuildings, meant for the upper section, which is intended as a small goods shunting yard.
Above the lower section - the actual Rheinstrecke - there will be a small castle named Schlossberg - on the far left of the display case,

to give the main section the allure we know from the original Rheinstrecke in Germany.




3.2 - Unboxing










Like with the stairs of Schloss Cochem, I had the idea to cut out this part and put a gate in it.

However, I had already used it elsewhere. So, I'll leave it that way. 



3.3 - Painting












3.4 - Constructing


















That's it, if by the booklet!







... the kit also contained a small rain gutter that fits exactly. Just to top it off!


Considering this very picture, Friedl GŁth expressed it most charmingly (and aptly) on FB:

"Die Verwandlung eines Serienbausatzes zum Unikat ist dir wiedereinmal hervorragend gelungen."


This touches on my first philosophical rule regarding structures on the Cochemer Bahn:

"Each building will be different in color and/or shape, as it cannot be found on any other layout."








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