R h e i n s t r e c k e... NOT!




Toilet House



Faller 190059



5.1 - Introduction


The Faller Bahnhof-Set "Susch" - meant for the Rheinstrecke Module - also contains a lasercut toilet house.

This model will most perfectly fit to the Meistertrunk at Schloss Cochem. 


As I wrote on Facebook:

"A beautiful piece of architecture in miniature from the Faller company at Gütenbach:

the toilet block belonging to 'Bahnhof Susch' (Faller 190059) will have a prominent place on the Cochemer Bahn.

Where else but on the square at Schloss Cochem, very useful during the Meistertrunk?!"



The toilet is a Laser Cut model.





5.2 - Unboxing







Schalthaus (left) and toilet (laser cut), both neatly wrapped in a sachet.




5.3 - Painting

(17 June, 2023) 




To me, that's a first: Laser Cut Glue (Faller 170494) in steda of white glue (Weißleim) 



Only the roofparts are plastic, and are exact copies of the Zernez/Susch Schalthaus roofs.






5.4 - Patinierung roof (lasur)

(17June 2023) 







5.5 - Constructing

(17-21 June 2023)






Because there were numbers on the wooden bottom edge, I eventually opted for the cardboard parts.

In hindsight and retrospect, I should have filed away the numbers with sandpaper and colored the edge anyway.

At least I gave them two layers of thinned lasur cooating.




Not realy in my line! Watching these pics, I think I will remove them anyway...




5.6 - Dry white of the roof

(18June 2023) 





5.7 - Finally... dry white of the whole thing!

(21 June 2023)







5.8 - First impression on the Cochemer Bahn...

(25 June 2023)







One way or another: this dark brown toilet house does NOT fit on the market square. It just doens't fit.

It therefor will return to the Rheinstrekce, where it originally belongs.



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