R h e i n s t r e c k e




6. S c h a l t h a u s  "Susch"



Faller 190059



6.1 - Introduction


Structurally almost identical to Schalthaus 'Zernez' - recognizable by the external staircase -

Faller included the prototypical  Schalthaus (switching station) in the station set "Susch", this time with an internal staircase.





6.2 - Unboxing








6.3 - Painting & Patinierung

(21 June 2023) 


I have the same color code in mind for Schalthaus Susch, because both buildings will be on the same route. 









"Color is everything!"




6.4 - Constructing







6.5 - Finished






Schalthaus Susch (left) and Schalthaus Zernez... like twin brothers.





Frits Osterthun 25.6.2023

Last update: 25.6.2023