R e n o v a t i o n  J o u r n a l




(Faller 120527 )




7.1 - The idea



In view of the Rheinstrecke, I ordered Faller's Holzbrücke (wooden bridge), which would take its place on the very right side.

I always fancied this model for having a Glaskasten run over it.

And 'always' is once again underlined by the fact that this model box dates from the time of Märklin M-tracks, given the notches in the pillars, as well as the adapted manual. 



7.2 - Unboxing

Let's start with unpacking and unboxing...















7.3 - Painting and Patinierung 













7.4 - Faller Kundendienst ~ Service at it's best!


Since four of the six parts, needed for the pillars, have already been cut out by Faller (with Märklin M and C track in mind),

and I don't think this is nice for a module, I wrote to Faller in March 2024 at 4 new parts.

While waiting for Faller's response, I put everything aside for now.

I received two racks for free within 9 days. I thought a friendly message on FB in this regard was imperative.









On Facebook I wrote:



𝐅𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐫 𝐫𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐬!

No missing parts! Nothing broken!

On the contrary, everything in perfect condition!

And yet... Faller Kundendienst was needed.

While working on the wooden bridge ('Holzbrücke', Faller 120527) for the Rheinstrecke Display,

I discovered that this model was actually made in and meant for the era of "Märklin M-Gleis" (today C-Gleis).


Four out of the six parts required for the pillars were already cut in at the factory for that purpose, so that M-rails or C-rails can easily be positioned in them.

In my case, however, this bridge is intended to go with Roco rails. Those pillars do look strange with such odd openings.

Anyway, last week I sent message to the Faller Kundendienst with explanation and my vision added.


This morning a package from FALLER was delivered via DHL containing two racks with four new parts free (!) of charge.

Neatly packaged in cellophane and greaseproof paper.

Speaking of service... 

Faller rocks once again! Hut ab!





7.5 - Continuing the painting

(March 26, 2024)


After several attempts over a period of three days, I finally found a satisfactory color scheme for the wood.

Red and orange in particular give the wood a more fiery color. The finishing with all kinds of dry pigments came next.

















1. Turning plastic into wood or stone or whatever! | 2. The difference: before (left) and after dry brushing (right).



Because the paint becomes increasingly hard and the paint becomes grainy during dry brushing, it is necessary to wash it out after about ten minutes.
However, you cannot dry white with a wet brush, so they are immediately placed on the radiator to dry. 


Still life...



The finale... a pile of plastic




7.6 - Construction

(March, 28 and April, 1)




The fact that the numbers and text are printed on the parts themselves indicates that this is an out dated model kit.





And then I got into trouble... 

An absolute impossible move, as you can see, but yet instructed like this. Changing the sequence would only cause a bigger problem.
Here creativity comes around the corner.  


Behold, it's an older Faller product from the M-Gleis period (released as B-535, my version was again released as Neuheit 2022).

I'm absolute positiv that nowadays, the architects at Faller's would search for another solution. 


At least, that was what I thought at first!  But no way...  

I discovered just now, due to some research, that this kit is not Faller at all, but a former Pola kit, released as Pola 623. 



But let's continue anyway... 




Fortunately, I succeeded
















April 1, 2024



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