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4a. Bahnhof 'Susch'



Faller 190059



4.1 - Introduction


The Faller Bahnhof-Set "Susch" is forseen with a nice shed, in effect meant as a station located in Switzerland.

Funny fact is, that most stations on this line - Susch, La Punt Chamues, Guarda, Lavin and Ardez - are as good as similar.





This kit was previously supplied by Pola as Bahnhof "Susch" under number 740.



The Schalthaus (Switchgear house) resembles the Zernez Schalthaus, discussed in Chapter 3, and is designed by Faller.

The toilet is a Laser Cut model.





4.2 - Unboxing









The Pola station lay loosely in the box (the printed parts however nicely wrapped in paper),

while both Schalthaus and toilet were individually wrapped in a plastic bag. 



4.3 - Painting

(2-4 June, 2023) 



Initially I wanted to paint over the printing completely, because 'Susch' is part of the Rhaetian Railway (Rhätische Bahn) in Switzerland.

However, it came through the paint and I just left it that way.

Perhaps there is a freight station 'Susch' somewhere along the Rheinstrecke, of which we do not yet know...













4.5 - Patinierung (lasur) and dry white

(5-7 June 2023) 













4.6 - Constructing

(7-13 June 2023)








The idea of this woodpile certainly appealed to me, but it certainly won't be plastic.

That could be better. I chose real wood, for both the upright beams and the logs.


How it should be...




... and how it was going to be!



It remains for me to add some details, but this is it for now.




4.7 - Finishing up

(17-18 June 2023)






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