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June11, 2024 - "Restlos begeistert"

A very kind message on Fallers Mainpage on Facebook was posted today. I'm truly honored.




June 9, 2024

Finished the Altländer Haus with a nice reet roof, here together with the Hallenhaus...




June 5, 2024

Nice reaction from Faller on my posting on their FB site:  




June 2, 2024

Done a lot. The 18 323 got it's original stair case. Started construction of Faller's Altländer Haus.

But after a sincere notification from Julian about progress of the Lindau Fence, I felt obliged to overcome my fear of ruining something, and yes... well done!

(I first had to put two walls, vegatation and some other things to be done first which took me over an hour or so. After that, I positioned all fences and gates (at the kitchen table).

A short film for Julian of how I open the gates on FB now... and lots and lots of pictures to be implemented in the site considring the Lindau Fence. Pfew...


M38323 with 'original' stairs now in position, tender coupled short, jetzt nicht mehr betriebsfähig on the Cochemer Bahn (nur Paradespur)


Facebook 2.6.2024



May 24, 2024

Today I received my own DB 18 323 (Märkln 38323), next to 5 Brawa cars, spareparts to repair my Brawa T3, screws for the Lindau Fence baseplate, Preiserlein...

In short: a box full of fun and pleasure. Like Christmas in Summer...



Märklin 38323


May 24, 2024

Thomas Hentschel came to the Netherlands for the Dordrecht Fair, and I was able to shoot two of his handcrafted Prusian models: the T0 Omnibus and the T13 Bauart Hagans.

My pictures are meant for a calendar to come, either 2025 or 2026, depending on the models to come. Therefore it is not allowed to show them on social media or in my site (yet).

Here's a picture that Thomas made himself...


Pr. T13 Bauart Hagans | photo: Thomas Hentschel






May 22, 2024

Today, I photographed all the Micro Metakit calendars (52 pictures in total), and inplemented them into the site.


22.5.2024 | At the 2009 photoshoot, 4 calendars were presented to me by Thomas Maulu on behalf of Micro Metakit, inlcuding leaflets


May 19, 2024

Today, I found out, that there are still several pictures in my "2009 Micro Metakit Landshut Files" that were sort of forgotten in the mist of time, that they ever existed...

For instance this beautiful yellow S 3/5 no. 3322 (Zustand 1909, Nassdampf) or the Austrian Class 110.11 (Micro Metakit 97702H). All in the PictureBook now.

And more to come...




May 16, 2024

Another version of Micro Metakit 10102H, a Prussian T0 numbered Hannover 1913, taken 17th April 2024 at Adler's.




May 1, 2024 ~ DIT Modell

Today I worked on my photoshoot of cars, made by DIT Modell. The pics we're sent to Adler for postproduction, preparing them for the new DIT-Webite to be released by Adler.

Since I was kindly asked not to release any of these pictures before the DIT Website is "aired", I will not post them on my FB or Homepage before that is done.

At least... a small teaser may be shown here to make you more than curious and get some taste of what's about to come...




April 27, 2024 ~ gift from Adler

During my photoshoot at Adler's on April 17, I was given a nice 'Viehverladerampe' in metall. It will adorn the platform with cattle. Originally painted white, I turned it into a more CB-fitting color.


17.4.2024 | DIT A-09-12





April 18, 2024 ~ Dortmund Intermodellbau 2024

Again a photoshoot at Märklin and Adler/Wagenwerk. Thanks to Mr. Peschel (email) and mr. Koukal (handling the models on my request at Dortmnd Intermodellbau),

I was able to shoot three Märklin Handmuster (unmotorized): BR 18 323, BR 52 1400 and BR 86 507.


Märklin 39532 ~ Handmuster at Dortmund Intermodellbau


Märklin 38323 ~ Handmuster at Dortmund Intermodellbau


Märklin 37086 ~ Handmuster at Dortmund Intermodellbau



Repairkit for the Brawa Miclhwagen 50357 (another set will come soon for 50360)



April 17, 2024 ~ at Adler's in Köln

Major photoshoot at Adler Modellbahnmanufakur, with some precious gems like the Baureihe 93 made by Gebhard Reitz in 1992, for whom I wrote a column to his honour on eisenbahnmodelbauforum.de. Firthermore there were models of Micro Metakit, Trix Fine Art, as well as Roco models that will eventually being used as basis for Umbau.


Reitz | DRG 93 737


Bavaria/DIT Modell





D.I.T. Modell 


Micro Metakit 08201H ~ MCCi 14 503 - other pics at: Bavaria


Micro Metakit 02502H ~ not the one I shot in 2009


Micro Metakit 94600H ~ not the one I shot in 2009


Micro Feinmechanik 08310HL  ~ Motorle ML 2/2 Nr. 4024


Trix Fine Art 22674 - EG 507 Halle der KPEV


Brawa 40706 | 55 038 der DRG


Piko 50684 | 03 100 der DR


Roco 62200 | 64 297 der DB


Trix 22891 | 38 2919 der DB


DIT Modelle | Preussische T 1 (T2) | more pics in Static Preussen


Teerkocher in H0 (1:87) | author unknown (prob. Weinert?) | courtesy Adler 17.4.2024


Mercedes Benz (DIT Modell | H0/1:87)


Weinert 4553 | Lokomobil


Peter Hoeveler jr Mönchengladbach | Akku LKW Maschinenfabrik Paul Schütze Oggersheim


Preußische Kran | Josef Cramer 


April 15, 2024

Nice phonecall with Brawa Hotline, where the kind lady J. Zaab helped me to take care of me getting the spare parts needed while missing on the serial production of the Milchwagen

(50357 and 50360) as well as a set of grey painted axles for my München Kesselwagen (50381).

Mr. Triquet will bring everything I need to Dortmund Intermodellbau for me to collect at the Brawa Stand.


April 13, 2024

Photoshoot at my dealer's...


Märklin 39968 | Flying Scotsman


Märklin 39783


Märklin 26803, with...



... and some more at Laenderbahnen


April 13, 2024

Neuzugang von Brawa


Brawa 50357


Brawa 50360


Brawa 50871



Brawa 50872 


April 10, 2024

And more filming! The Württ. C is still one of my favourites... holding dear memories from the 1988 Göppingen Factory Visit 



April 5, 2024

Continuing filming and doing sme repairs during the shooting of several Württemberg locomotives. Today T5, DW14, Fc, etc...




March 23, 2024

Started to filming in a Württemberg setting on the Cochemer Bahn... will take some weeks... 



March 21, 2024

Finished my video Der Meistertrunk, which takes some 28 minutes to watch, but took me over a week to filming, cutting, editing, researching, scoring...




March 19, 2024

Small photoshoot of S 3/6 Nr. 3624 during filming the last clips for the video Der Meistertrunk. Ended up in some nice pics. Proper light is everything...




March 14, 2024

Some photoshooting next to filming on the Cochemer Bahn for a major video on Bavarian locomotives running on the CB.

With a little doctoring of the foliage at the base of the Pulverturm... (plus Faller confirmation N 2024)




March 13 , 2024

Since a week we know that, next to the 2024 News presented in Nürnberg, Märklin will release a special locomotive, the so called 'Überraschungslokomotive' (surprise of the year),

which will be a totally new construction of DB 18 323 (Märklin 38323). Since the Kriegsdamplok DRG 52 1400 didn't catch my interest, this will be my one and only 'Neuzugang' this year.

Nice addition to last year's 01 1088 and 18 201.

What is special about this version is that it was under maintenance at the LVA Minden. The narrow wheel flanges are noticeably different from its predecessor.


Print Screen form the video


Märklin 39025 from 2008


March 3, 2024

Sunny Spring at CB...




February 26, 2024

S a c h s e n s t o l z  (all Brawa Saxonian wagon series complete, released from 2006 to 2024, including the special "Audi" version in the middle)




February 24, 2024 | 24.02.2024

N e u z u g a n g  of no less than 8 Brawa cars, together with Preiserlein for Schloss Cochem and new colours of Vallejo paint...




February 24, 2024 | 24.02.2024

At my dealer's, great photoshoot, to begin with a gem of which only 700 pcs. were produced in 1992 by Rivarossi: the S 3/6 Serie k, Nr. 3709 (1924), Ausführung Weltausstellung Seddin 1924. Kata ta loipa...


Rivarossi 5201 | Frits Osterthun © 24.2.2024


Märklin 36260 | 24.2.2034


Roco 70241 | 24.2.2024


Trix 22105 | 24.2.204 (not doctored of dust, Released in 2002 > photo after 22 years in 2024)


Märklin 39990 | 24.2.2024


Piko 51473 | 24.2.2024 


Piko 51475 | 24.2.2024


Roco 7510009 | 24.2.2024


Märklin 39720| 24.2.2024 


Roco 7520010 | 24.2.2024


Roco 70164A | 24.2.2024


Märklin 39244 | 24.2.2024 (Neuheit 2023)


Märklin 39491 | 24.2.2024 (Neuheit 2023)


Märklin 39786 | 24.2.2024 (Neuheit 2023)


Roco 41230 (Playtime) | 24.2.2024 (totally dusted, lying in a box)


February 2, 2024

I am truly honoured that Adler Modellbahnmanufaktur has included three of my photos in its News bulletin 2024, and prominently features the Cochemer Bahn on the front page.






February 17, 2024

Filming at CB, also some photo shooting, among which was the Meistertrunk (my eyes never tire of this image)...




February 14, 2024

Just finished Part 3 of Faller's Vogtsbauernhof: Kapelle und Backhaus




February 10, 2024

Little repair on CB (adding mass cable at Endbahnhof) and filming the Wrtt. C, Nr. 2004 (Märklin 3514, with ESU Sound) with use of ECoS.





February 9, 2024

Finishing Vogtsbaurenhof Part 2



February 4, 2024

Most kind words received on Stummiforum bei Andreas Lange, whose model I photographed last week (sent to me by Adler), echoed on Eisenbahnmodellbauforum.






February 3, 2024

Finishing Vogtsbauernhof Part 1




January 9, 2023

Adler Modellbahnmanufaktur sent me these pictures, one by messenger and FB:





January 9, 2024

With beautiful winter sunlight in the train Room... (see also Chapter 26)



January 8, 2024

After four and a half years, I finally gathered the courage to connect the ECoS - purchased in May 2019 - to the Cochemer Bahn. Until then I had only used it to change the parameters of new locomotives. Given the many warnings as well as a recent phone call to ESU - that the ECoS could indeed blow up if accidentally connected to other analog or digital equipment, or at least cause interference - my fears were not unfounded. After thirty years you also forget which wiring could cause problems. And if not, the Cochemer Bahn is operated by both analogue (city lighting) and digital (railway) equipment, with all transformers connected via a central ground point.
To my great joy, nothing exploded after switching on, and I can continue to operate the signals, switches and interchanges via the Märklin equipment.
On the other hand, the locomotives can now be controlled via both the ECoS and the Central Unit, which has naturally boosted driving pleasure to unprecedented levels.

Instead of only 4 functions, I now have all functions at my disposal, two speed controllers...well, you get my point.
The once installed toggle switches for alternating analogue and digital driving are now extremely useful. What was previously called analogue will be ECoS from this year onwards.

PS: The immediate reason for my courage was the final failure of the Märklin infrared hand control. So, every disadvantage has its advantage.


8.1.20245 | Testing 

January 5, 2024

In daylight, with some blue shade, this kind of picture gives the impression that it almost looks real. I love this view in particular.



These are the original Faller kits, made in their respective plastic colour (Pulverturm viz. Kleiner Rundturm) 


January 3, 2024

After finishing the Schloss Cochem Module in December 2023 in the studio, the very first day of the new year 2024 it was positioned back to the Cochemer Bahn.

Two days later all lights were connected and tested.

This photo absolutely does not do justice to the warm, yellow-orange gas lanterns, which burn at night and create a magical atmosphere.







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